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“If you want a drink of water, you’ve got to get it from a well.”
Ozark Mountain Daredevils (credits), used by permission.

This lyric from a popular musical group is the tagline motto of the Schroeder Rotary Drilling and Pump Company. Never has more truth been told than in the simple statement above.

Townships, farms, villages, municipalities and private land owners all depend upon the local ground water tables as a source of drinking water. If you've never been a water well user you may unaware of this. Fact is, many municipalities pump lake or river water combined with well water to central treatment facilities for treatment before being sold for consumption. In rural areas, the most economical source of water for farm and home is still the water well.

If your plans include moving to the country, chances are your source of water will be a water well. The well will likely be the only source of water available. With this in mind you'll be wise to know a full line water well expert. Tom is not only a licensed well driller, he also owns and operates his own drilling rig. Because of this Tom and his crew are not only pump repair experts, they also have hands on experience drilling wells. Actual well drilling experience in the pump repair business is rare. A lot of pump companies advertise well drilling, then hire the cheapest driller they can find.  A recognizable lack of pride usually shows up in the finished product of these contractors. In pump repair situations, the lack of drilling knowledge usually means they may not recognize your problem. In many cases a simple well problem can be falsely diagnosed as a pump problem, which leads to unnecessary repairs. Different problems occur on a daily basis and Tom's crews possess the knowledge and the right equipment to recognize your problem and repair it correctly. Don't play the lottery with the Yellow Pages. Give us a call first. Tom has over 35 years drilling and pump experience supported by hours of formal education. These qualities make him your best option listed for all of your water well needs. 

Our expertise goes well beyond just showing up and drilling a well. Our crews are experienced and know the local ground water physics and geologic conditions. Tom has a degree in Environmental Technology so he understands the chemical characteristics of water as well. Tom and his crew bring over 50 years of combined experience drilling wells and servicing water systems. Tom is now servicing customers who are several generations removed from his earliest customers. You can count on Tom for your water well needs for years to come. 

We also understand that you want to deal with a reputable business in all aspects of your well construction. Our approach to the business of providing you with a safe source of drinking water is to give you the benefit of a truly friendly business experience. We are Missouri Permitted Water Well and Pump Installation contractors. We are covered with Liability, Workman's Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance.  We can make a visit to your property and perform a site survey; from this survey, we can estimate closely the costs for your well and water system. We can explain to you your water system options to help us select the most efficient operating water system to meet your needs. We will provide you with a written estimate of services and equipment necessary.

Once the formalities of location and price are worked out it is easy to schedule the work. After the well is completed your water system can be installed. In some cases, your new water supply can be ready to use within a few hours after drilling is completed. Reading this will no doubt bring questions to mind, such as, “How do I get started?” Read our article Steps to Consider for Water Well Drilling for help.

If you have never experienced the well construction process, we can answer any questions you have. Our wish is for you to be present when the work is performed. Your presence will provide you with an inside look of how a water well is properly constructed. We can explain the process as it unfolds creating for you a truly memorable experience. We also carry educational materials that you can read to learn about the process. See our Consumer Information page. We want you to be confident about your choosing us for your well contractor.

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